Am I in control when I am hypnotised?

The press and TV shows have sometimes sensationalized hypnosis which has led some people to be nervous about hypnosis. It is a natural state in which you are always in control and fully aware of what is happening. It requires that you are calm, relaxed and aware of yourself.

My job is to make you completely confident in my work and ensure that you are comfortable as possible. I am a member of a professional body and adhere to stringent ethical standards

Before your appointment

Setting you up for success

We will have a 30-minute call to discuss the help you need and answer any questions.

I ask you to complete a 1-page intake form to provide essential information and to describe the outcomes you want to achieve in your own words.

We will agree on very clear and specific outcomes so I can deliver on your expectations. 

You will simply need to bring a real desire to make the change.

What are my qualifications?

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Hypnotherapy Society.


What payment method do you accept?

I can take debit & credit card payments. I can also take bank transfers.

How many sessions will I need?

This will vary depending on the issue. It is usually around 3 sessions. The free discovery session will help to determine the best course of action and the number of sessions that you need.

My approach is designed to get to the root cause and achieve rapid results rather than needing lots of sessions.

What payments do you take?

I take payment by bank transfer, debit and credit card facilities, Paypal, Wise and Revolut transfers.

What should I expect from a session?

You will need to spend 1.5 to 2 hours with me. We will discuss the symptoms of your issues, get background and agree on what change you want me to enable. You will then be gently hypnotised and go back to review from outside the scenes that tell you why you have this issue now. We will then begin to put this behind you. It will be an uplifting experience that will make you feel good. You may feel tired but a good tired.

How many sessions will I need?

Depending upon the issue you will normally need between 1 and 3 sessions. Many issues are resolved in just 1 session. You will see from my Google Reviews the results that I get in just 1 or 2 sessions.

What happens after the session?

You will receive a personalised recording that you need to listen to. This is to create familiarity with the new belief and ensure that results are long-term.

The recording will be around 15 minutes long and is ideally listened to last thing at night. For sports people or those presenting at big events, it is also powerful to listen before a match or the big pitch

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